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Numismatics - historical science which is concerned with means of payment, there it is mainly concerned with old coins, banknotes and their value. In the category numismatics are old valuable coins, old baknknotes and also orders, honours, military badges and commemorative medals. Offer of numismatics on our website similarly to price-list of coins will give you advise what is the value of coin or banknote which you would like to sell. Numismatics - old coins, old paper-money, commemorative medals, orders, badges, commemorative coins and honours - is offered here by retailers, collectors in the field of numismatics, antique dealers and other private persons throughout the Czech Republic. There are no extra fees on the price of goods and purchase and sale on the website is therefore mutually advantageous.

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Silver Coin - silver -  - 1949

Silver Coin - silver - - 1949


Gold Coin -  - 1905

Gold Coin - - 1905


222,- €
Gold Coin -  - 1904

Gold Coin - - 1904


259,- €
Commemorative Coin - rose gold - Vídeñ - 1915

Commemorative Coin - rose gold - Vídeñ - 1915


693,- €
Gold Coin - gold - Petrohrad - 1899

Gold Coin - gold - Petrohrad - 1899


365,- €
Banknote - Rusko - 1910

Banknote - Rusko - 1910


Eduard Herold: Pond

Eduard Herold: Pond

watercolour on paper

167,- €
Five notes of the Therezine ghetto

Five notes of the Therezine ghetto


Commemorative Coin -  - 1940

Commemorative Coin - - 1940


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Ferdinand Dorsch - Gala concert


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